Ten Study Tips

Hi Guys!

I’ve had a fair few people ask me for some study tips, so I thought what better than to write a blog post with some of the tips I feel are the most helpful, and important.

Here are ten study tips (in no particular order of importance):

1) Attendance – This is one of the most important things when it comes to being successful in your studies (even though I absolutely sucked at it). Make sure you attend all of your lessons, even if you think you can catch up, you’re still going to miss something which could be important.

2) Read Ahead – Going to every lesson prepared is key. Reading ahead helps you to have a brief understanding of the topic you’re going to learn in the lesson, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to understand it! It also shows your dedication.

3) Understanding – The majority of us want to get good grades, so understanding what you’re being taught is vital in achieving that. If you don’t understand something, try and teach yourself it by watching videos, researching it further and reading over it. Try some practice questions too. If you’re still struggling, ask a teacher or friend.

4) Schedule – Set yourself a schedule to help manage your studies. If you have a part-time job, plan studying and other commitments around this, but don’t let it take up too much of your time (should be a maximum of 8 hours per week for full-time students). Aim to sit down every night and complete some work.

5) Stationery – I find pretty stationery helps me want to study so much more. Get a nice notebook that you only write revision notes in, some nice pens and you’re set to go.

6) Revision – I can’t stress how important it is to revise as you go. Not only does it save you a heck of a lot of time during exam season, it allows you to understand and stay on top of topics that you might struggle with. Create revision content as you learn topics, this way you’re not trying to cram during exam season, when really, you should just be refreshing and topping up your knowledge.

7) Goals and Rewards – Set yourself some goals you want to achieve whilst studying. For example, if you do X amount of hours of studying, reward yourself with something. Make sure you set yourself realistic goals so you don’t get down if you struggle to achieve them.

8) Breaks – Taking breaks whilst studying is one of the most important things. I’m not someone who can study in short bursts, so I usually study for an hour and then have a 10-20 minute break. This helps you to stay productive and make sure you’re working efficiently.

9) Positivity and Self-Belief – Staying positive might be hard whilst studying, but honestly it makes all the difference. Believing in yourself is one of the most important study tips, it gives you the push you need if you’re struggling to get the grasp of something, and the outcome will be worth it.

10) Technique – Find your technique for studying. It could be from typing up notes, mind maps, written notes, sticky notes, diagrams, whatever. Different things work for different people, and don’t be embarrassed to play around and find what works for you. It might be that different methods work for different subjects.


I hope some of these tips will come in useful to some of you, and hopefully you take them on board. Good luck in the new school year!


4 thoughts on “Ten Study Tips

    1. Nope! I feel that if I wanted to do medicine I’d have to have an interest from a younger age to be able to get all the work experience in and the grades they need. Swansea does look lovely though!


  1. Hi!
    How do you select what goes on a revision document? I’m a science student as well in my first year of college and have been told several times that they are very helpful, but I never know how to select what’s vital from my class notes to put on them. I feel like everything is important and I just really don’t know how to format them and choose what to put on them, if I should just write main concepts and key terms or add theory as well, etc.
    Thanks, Emmelie


    1. Hey! Everything you learn is going to be important, it’s just about condensing the information into a summary that you can easily understand. I usually integrate everything together, so whatever notes I’m writing I’ll start with a brief definition and overview of the topic before dividing it up into a few chunks. Read over the information before writing about it so you aren’t writing it word for word 🙂


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