Starting a Studygram

Hey Guys!

Starting a Studygram is something I pondered over for a while as I had absolutely no idea how to go about it. I can imagine there’s quite a few people who also feel the same, so I hope this will come in helpful and give you guys a basis.

Your account

I personally decided to create an account separate to my personal Instagram. I wanted my identity to remain anonymous, and the sole focus of my account to be for study purposes, nothing else!

I advice that anyone wishing to create a Studygram creates a completely separate account. Just give yourself a name relating to the community or something, most people go by their first name or a random first name, followed by studies, but it can be anything. Creating a logo/profile picture is also another way to define your account, as most people will see it and automatically associate it with you.

Your motive

You need to have a motive behind your Studygram. It can be to motivate yourself and gain inspiration, share motivation and inspiration or just to generally look at revision content to aid your studies.

My motive was to motivate myself to study more. I was slacking and needed a reason to actually get some studying done, and providing content to my followers helps me do that!

Your theme

Obviously this is a personal preference, but the majority of Studygram’s go for a theme when taking photos. For example, taking your photos in the same area of your room with the same lighting, editing them the same, using the same sort of props/flat lays but switching the notes up. I’m not a pro with themes, mine is pretty dull, so just get creative.

Try to make your theme unique though, don’t blatantly copy someone else. Of course take inspiration, but add your own twist and make it yours. 

Taking and editing photos

Find a way that you like taking photos of your notes, try to make it easy and not too over-complicated as you want to be able to mimic that if you want to keep a consistent theme. For example, you could simply take a photo of your notes from above on your desk, or on your bed, whatever works.

Editing photos is a common thing, the majority of photos people take don’t turn out perfect and could do with some alterations. Find an application that works for you and play around with what style of editing you want to go for. I don’t make my posts too white and bright, but that’s something a lot of Studygram’s go for.

I simply take my photos on top of my chest of drawers as the lighting isn’t too bright and isn’t too dark over there (does that even make sense?). I usually edit my photos on either Instagram or Snapseed, depending on how the photos come out.  Usually my photos just require increasing the brightness, decreasing the contract and adjusting the warmth (on the Instagram app).


I get so many questions from new accounts asking me how to gain followers. I’m not exactly sure there’s even an answer for this, but I’ll try to give some advice.

Interacting with people in the Studygram community is a factor. It isn’t that big of a community, so commenting on peoples photos, liking their photos and making conversation with people is a must. It allows people to discover your account, and also allows you to make some friends in the community!

Posting content is definitely the biggest factor, try to make your posts as unique as possible. Standing out from the crowd is always going to get peoples attention. Try to set yourself a schedule for when you’re going to post, for me, it’s usually every other day, but posting everyday initially can help people realize your account is there!

Hashtags. On my personal account, I would never use a hashtag. Studygram’s are hard to discover, so using hashtags is something the majority of us do. People are forever looking through hashtags to gain motivation and find something they’re looking for, so include them when you post! Some of the most popular ones include #studygram #studyblr #studyspo. I don’t use many but I’m sure including hashtags which relate to what your post is about will definitely help.


I personally don’t take part in shoutouts, however, there’s nothing wrong with giving accounts the recognition they deserve, and if that results in them giving you a shoutout too, that’s great! Many accounts usually do shoutout for shoutout sessions in order to expand their following and discover new accounts, so try and find some and participate.


That’s all the advice I have. I’m not exactly sure how helpful it’ll be, but hopefully it enables some of you guys to create your own Studygram. If you do, then give me a message on Instagram and I’ll be sure to check your account out!


2 thoughts on “Starting a Studygram

  1. Great tipps! I started my studygram a bit more than a year ago on Instagram and trying to be more professional now (if you want, you can check it out through my blog or by searching for study.addicted ) and these tipps could really help someone who want to start! ❤


  2. I’ve just seen this and its literally amazing its given me much more motivation to start one and im sure many people will have benefited from reading I’d appreciate if you could come see me and say hello on @youstudyvisiongram


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