Establishing a Study Schedule

Hey Guys!

As we get further into the academic year, we’re getting more tests, more homework, mock season is approaching and before we know it exam season will be starting all over again.

Establishing a Study Schedule is something a lot of us are now trying to work on, including me.


The hardest part of establishing a Study Schedule is not knowing any key future dates, such as what you’re going to work each week, any appointments, events, etc. I suggest investing in a 2018 Diary, a calendar, or use monthly printables. This way you can write everything down and not lose track of what’s going on in your life.

Exam Dates

Not gonna lie, as soon as I started A2 in September I was on the WJEC site looking at the exam timetable for 2018. I’ve had the dates written down in some random note document on my phone forever, but last week I thought it’s finally time to put them somewhere else.

I use an app called “Countdown”. I’ve put all my exam dates in this and it tells me exactly how many days there are until these exams. If you’re someone who freaks out when they see how many days they have left, then yeah, don’t do it. However, it can really help and act as guidance for you to work towards.

Be Realistic

Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals. For example, don’t tell yourself you’re going to study every single day. This is something I do a lot, even though every week I have a whole day of work and a day of college and work. It’s not possible to study if you’ve been out the house all day, and if you come home exhausted.

Set yourself realistic goals, such as studying X amount of hours a week. You can then do these hours whenever and there’s no pressure.


Breaks are extremely important. Yeah, you might be on a roll, but you still need to stop and give yourself a break before you burn out. I usually study for about an hour and then give myself a 10-15 minute break, or more if I get carried away (oops).

Make sure you fit these into your study schedule.

Make a Schedule

Finally, make a schedule. You can do this one of two ways, either make a schedule in a table that you’re going to follow, planning what time you’re going to do what subject and so on. However, you can also just go about writing weekly to do lists in order to stay on track and make sure you have a study schedule for the week.

A good site for creating a study schedule is GetRevising, and a good to do list I use is a clipboard style one from Sainsburys, you can find it here.


That’s all the tips I can give for establishing a study schedule. I’m going to work on establishing one of my own over the Christmas break to ensure that I actually have something to stick by.

Good luck!



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