How I use OneNote

Hey Guys,

I started using OneNote around September when I went back to college and it’s one of those programmes that would of saved me a huge amount of time if I discovered it sooner.

There are many reasons I use OneNote. I type my notes up on it, I write to do lists on it, I create trackers and I use it to store my ideas for my blog and Instagram.

Creating a Notebook

I start off by actually creating the notebook on OneNote. I just have everything bunched into one notebook called ‘Study Related’, but you can make different ones depending on what you want to use it for.


I then made different sections for Biology, Chemistry, Welshbacc, To Do Lists and Trackers. You can change the colours of these to identify them easily. From here, you can add different pages for different topics, basically whatever you want.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 20.08.31


Typing up notes

This is what I mainly use OneNote for, I combine my class notes with the textbook and some other background information in order to make in-depth notes. The reason why I use OneNote for this and not a programme like Word is because it allows it all to be stored in one place, and I can also access it from college by simply signing in.

For each subject, I start off by creating a checklist on that section to allow me to track where I’m at. (I actually haven’t started using this yet as I’m not  yet at the point of ‘properly reviewing’ my work, something in which I’m going to start doing this month).

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 20.11.34.png

I simply type up my notes like anyone else would. I add diagrams to make it look pretty, highlight key words and ideas and try to make it as easier to revise from as I can.

Here’s a few screenshots of part of some notes I’ve typed up:



To Do Lists

Okay, most of the time I usually physically write these out too, but sometimes I just want to quickly type up some things I need to do.

My To Do Lists have a different section in my notebook, and I then create different pages with the days date on. I use the To Do symbol, it allows me to check off what I’ve done which is pretty satisfying, lol.

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 20.19.25Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 20.19.41

This is something I highly suggest doing in order to stay on track with your studies, it’s also satisfying to tick it off, it makes you feel like you’ve actually done something!


I would write about my trackers, but right now I don’t have any! I usually just create a table for any tracker though. I’m sure there’ll be some examples on my Instagram story soon.

I hope this post helps some people understand how to use OneNote, and why I use it. I had a few people ask me about it, so I thought it would be easier to make this blog post. I personally found it extremely difficult to understand at first, and put off using it, but now I love it!

I’ll be back next week with another post,


One thought on “How I use OneNote

  1. I’ve recently started to use OneNote for taking notes as well. Previously I hand wrote everything but wanted to improve my productivity. I’m still figuring things out with it but I’m finding it so helpful. I love the apps and versatility. I’ve put it on my phone, tablet and laptop so I can always access what I need. Your post is fab as a starter guide:)


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