Chemistry Websites I Use

Chemistry is a hard subject to study, and sometimes you can feel like you’re forever browsing through different websites, trying to find some useful information.

 This academic year I’ve come across so many websites that I hadn’t previously known about, and they’ve helped me to understand some difficult topics of A-Level Chemistry. I frequently get asked what resources I use for Chemistry, so I thought sharing some of these websites would be helpful for you guys. Click on the titles to be taken to the websites!

Chem Guide

This site has been a life savour the past few weeks, and if you don’t know about it then you’re missing out. It contains basically all of the content for GCSE and A-Level Chemistry.

 I often google what I’m after followed by “chem guide” instead of searching throughout the whole site. However, you can just go to the home page and search through the different chapters to find the topic you’re looking for.

 The notes are in a condensed format and are extremely easy to understand, and at the end of each section of notes there’s usually a link to some practice questions, along with the answers. This is definitely the site that I use the most when it comes to revision.

Physics and Maths Tutor

I usually use this site when I need to quickly find some practice questions relevant to the chapter that I’m studying.

 This site covers other subjects such as Biology, Physics and Maths, and also consists of multiple exam boards for each of these. It covers both A-Level and GCSE. The site consists of notes for each of the chapters, followed with practice questions and the answers. It’s a site which proves to be beneficial when you want to actually test your knowledge.

WJEC Question Bank

I don’t know if any other exam boards have this kind of thing, but the WJEC have created a question bank which enables you to search for certain key words and the related practice questions come up, along with the mark scheme. It covers a few subjects, including Chemistry and Biology.

 I find this really useful, and it helps me to find practice questions for certain areas of a topic that I might be struggling with. (For example, I’d search ‘buffers’ for acids and bases’) It’s WJEC, but I’m sure the practice questions will help anyone, no matter the exam board.

Allery Chemistry

The videos on this YouTube channel are the only videos that I can watch for Chemistry. I usually struggle to follow some tutors, and their content doesn’t make sense. Chris manages to explain everything really well, and uses a whiteboard so you feel like you’re on the same level, following as he teaches. He also goes through practice questions so you understand step by step.

These are just a few of the resources that I use when I don’t understand Chemistry content, or I need to test my knowledge. I use these alongside the notes and flashcards that I make.

 I hope that some of these resources are helpful!


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