I asked on my Instagram stories for a few random questions, so here’s the answers to them.


When do you usually wake up?

I’m a morning person so I always wake up pretty early. When I’m in university around 6am, and when I’m not the latest I wake up is 8am.


How much stationery do you usually buy? 

Actually not a lot, but when I see something I love like a new product then I’ll have to get it to try it.


Did you find it hard adjusting to your first year in university?

Yes. I struggled so much when I first started university and didn’t feel settled for a while, especially because I live at home. I ended up leaving my part-time job to focus on settling into university, and now I love it so much!


What have been your favourite and least favourite topics in your course so far? 

I study Biomedical Science and my favourite topic has been studying hormones, and overall it’s definitely physiology. My least favourite has to be Chemistry, I couldn’t do it as GCSE, barely at A-Level and I still can’t do it now, haha.


What do you want to do as a career? 

I don’t know exactly what I want to do as a career yet, but I want something that is rewarding to do, something that you feel as if you’re giving something back to people. Maybe in some sort of laboratory.


How do you stay motivated to study? 

I always think of my future and what I want to achieve when I’m putting off studying. If you put in the work, it’s going to pay off. Set yourself some end goals and reward yourself!


How many breaks do you take when you study?

During exam season I’ll have days on end to revise, so I’ll usually give myself a ten minute break after an hour. I always make time to go for a walk in the morning and evenings and take a long lunch break to recharge.


Do you have any study tips?

Plan out your week, what you’re going to study and when so you don’t have to waste time and avoid your ‘difficult’ topics. Also, start your revision early and constantly recap what you’ve learnt so you don’t forget it.



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