Preparing for A-Level Results Day

Studying towards my A-Levels for three years (resits) was one of the most stressful times in my life and I remember how anxious I would feel leading up to results day. Here’s some tips to prepare for the big day.

Don’t stress:  It sounds stupid to say, but don’t stress about receiving your results. It’ll take up so much of your energy and is so unhealthy. Stay true to yourself and as long as you know that you’ve tried your best and put your all into it then you’ve done as much as you can.

Stay busy: Something I should of done when waiting to receive my A-Level results, instead of constantly stressing about them. Go out with friends, go for a walk, bake something or binge watch some series. You can’t make time go quicker, and there’s no point of wasting one of your longest summers.


Know where to get your results: Different schools and colleges release results differently, whether that be being sent them via email or having to go in and collect them. Make sure you know how you’re receiving your results, and if you have to collect them, know what time to get there. I know when I was receiving my results the times differed between those sitting AS (first year) and A2 (second year).


UCAS track, Clearing and Adjustment: If you’ve applied for university make sure you have your details to hand to log into UCAS track, it’ll update around 8am so don’t wake up at 5am hoping something will be there. Make sure you have any phone numbers you need for clearing or adjustment. Remember that if you aren’t happy with the university choices you originally made, you do not have to stick with them.


Starting the day: Aim to get a good night’s sleep and have a decent breakfast when you wake up, it’ll help you keep a clear mind for all those important decisions you might have to make on the day.


On the day: Decide if you want to take someone with you to collect your results, whether that be friends or family. You don’t have to open your results in front of everyone, or where you’ve collected them from, so don’t feel obliged to.


Back-up plan: It’s always important to have a back-up plan in case there’s a change in circumstances, or things haven’t gone the way you hoped. Plan what you’re going to do in every scenario, whether that be re-sitting exams, going through clearing or taking a gap year.


Make plans: I always make some sort of plan for after results day as kind of a reward for working so hard. Even if things didn’t go to plan, go out for dinner with some friends, or go somewhere nice and do something to celebrate the end of that academic year.


For anyone who is waiting to receive their A-Level results, I wish you the best of luck and please don’t let it get to you. It took me three years, a whole lot of hard work and determination to finally achieve the grades I needed to get into my dream university. There are always other options and pathways, and it’s important to do whatever is right for you.


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