My Favourite Study Apps

Technology has changed the way that we study over the years, with many websites and applications being available to assist our studies, or even take digital notes on. I’m going to be sharing a few of my favourite apps!



We’re all guilty of procrastinating by scrolling through social media instead of getting on with revision. Forest is a great app to prevent this, all by growing a digital tree.


It allows you to set a timer from between 10-120 minutes, and your tree starts growing. If you leave the app, your tree will die. You can collect coins to purchase different types of trees, and even plant real ones. It’s a great incentive to keep you off of your phone, and actually do some work!



Flashcards are one of the most effective ways to revise, and having somewhere you can access them at any time instead of carrying around stacks of written ones is great. Quizlet enables you to create flashcards on their website, and they also have an app available for your phone.


The thing I love most about this app is that there are many different features when it comes learning the content, even games!



Another life saver to make sure you always have your notes in one place. The app enables you to scan any document through your phone without the hassle of getting your printer out.

IMG_0223 2

It’s so useful when it comes to scanning images in and saving images of your notes to your phone.



It may be an obvious one, but I was never someone who would back up their work until I lost a piece of coursework I spent weeks working on right before the submission deadline. The app allows you to access all your work in one place, so you can look through your important documents no matter where you are.



Two different apps, but basically what they do is in their name. I used OneNote throughout my A-Levels and first year of University to type up my notes as you can organize them according to module within a notebook, and subdivide by topics. GoodNotes is the same concept, but I use on my iPad alongside my apple pencil to take notes!


Definitely two of the best note taking apps.


Let me know if you try out any of these!


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