Growing Your Studygram

Hi guys,

I get a lot of questions from others regarding tips on how they can grow their account and become more involved in the studygram community, so here’s my advice!


The main thing that is going to make your account unique is you, so don’t try and change things to fit in with other studygrams. Write notes your way, take photos of what you want to take photos of and share what you want to share! People might follow for the content you share but they also follow for the person behind that account, so just be yourself.



Taking photos to share on my account is something I have played around with for a while. Play around with where you take your photos, backdrops/props you can use and find what works best. I always take my photos using a white piece of card as a backdrop, and take them near the window to try and get as much natural lighting in as possible.


Editing your photos is also another key thing, as lighting changes every day your photos will always look different. I use the app SnapSeed and play around with the brightness and white balance until I can achieve something that looks similar to the photo I posted previously.

Another tip is to take many photos from different angles at once, and edit them after you take them so you always have a photo ready to upload!



This is one of the most crucial things in growing your account. Posting a photo once and then not posting again for another month isn’t exactly ideal. I aim to post every other day, but realistically this doesn’t happen all the time as life is just way too busy! Aim to upload a few times a week, and use some hashtags so your post reaches those looking at those hashtags.



Getting involved in the community is the best bit. Everyone is so friendly and always willing to help. Most of the time if I am stuck and struggling with something, I know I can post on my story and there will be people who can help me. The same goes to those who message me, I’m always so happy to help and share some tips. Interact with people in the community, and interact with those who are following you! It really is the best bit about having a studygram. Ask questions when you post so people feel as if they can comment, comment on others post and message other people!


Take these tips on board, but don’t become obsessed with the amount of followers you have on your account. I still to this day cannot believe I have over 50,000 people who follow me on Instagram and I still don’t know exactly why they do, but I’m so grateful for every one of you! Thank you all so much!

Zoe ❤

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