Review: Zebra Brush Pens

If you follow my Instagram then you know my go to highlighters are the Zebra Mildliners, and that I’ve also been trying out a bit of calligraphy/brush lettering lately. Now I don’t know if I’ve been living under a rock, but I never knew Zebra Mildliner Brush Pens were a thing, or when they became one! I was so excited when I found them on Amazon, so here’s what I think of them.



I’ve only ordered the one set of colours so far, but you can’t tell me these colours aren’t gorgeous.


(Swatch showing the Zebra Brush Pens on the left and Zebra Mildliner Highlighters on the right)

This is then swatched in comparison to the exact same pack of colours of highlighters. As you can see they’re the exact same colour, which is great for note-taking as I wouldn’t want to ruin the brush tip by highlight with it!


The Pen

The pen itself is identical to the mildliner highlighters, but they’re slightly longer. It’s a dual tip, with one end being the brush pen and the other a fine tip. The fine tip on the brush pen is slightly narrower than the highlighter, producing an even finer result!

IMG_0344 2

In comparison to the TomBow dual brush pens, they are much easier to hold and therefore write with as they aren’t as long.


The Brush Tip

I’ve been using the TomBow brush pens for a while which has quite a rigid, thick brush tip. The tip on the Zebra Brush Pens seems to be more flexible and I personally find it easier to use as a beginner.


(Top ‘Hello’ was written with the Zebra Brush Pen, the bottom was written with the TomBow)

Both of these brush pens are amazing and produce effective results. The TomBow seems to have a thicker tip, which personally may make it a bit more difficult to navigate as a beginner.



  • Overall I am really impressed with these brush pens and will be purchasing them in more colours
  • The price point is great for a set of brush pens,  around the £6 mark on Amazon
  • The flexible brush tip really helps for beginners like myself
  • Colours are identical to their highlighters which is perfect for note-taking


Hope this was useful!



One thought on “Review: Zebra Brush Pens

  1. Hi, love your blog and Instagram! Just wondering what colours did you get for the brush pens and the highlight pens as on amazon, I can only find different colours am I missing something? Like the highlighters are fluorescent in different colours to the brush pens.


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