5 Ways to Prepare for a New Term

For many students half term is coming to an end and a new term is about to start. Here’s how you can prepare for it.



This might be a bit of a weird one to start on, but the half term break goes by so fast. Make the most out of the rest of the weekend before another busy term starts. Go out with your friends, family or just binge watch some Netflix.

IMG_0362 2

It’s important to give yourself some you time, and do things you enjoy.



Get your diary or calendar out and start planning. Plot down what classes you have each day, any assignment deadlines, appointments, etc.


This way you can visually see what’s going on each day throughout the term, and plan any study sessions or activities with friends around that.



Clean out your backpack, tidy your desk and sort your room out. A messy environment can really impact both your motivation and productivity.


Recycle any unneeded papers, file away your notes and organise your drawers.



Your mindset can change everything, and starting the term with a fresh, positive and motivated mindset can work wonders.

I always repeat this quote in my head “Positive mindset, positive outcome” and I really do live by it. No matter the situation, always try and look on the positive side. Another one I love is “I can and I will”.



Get organised! You don’t want to be rushing Monday morning on the first day of term. Pack your bag in advance, make yourself some lunch for the next day, pick your outfit and have everything out ready.


I always get really overwhelmed and stressed going back to university after having time off, so doing those things really help me.


Have a great term and make the most out of it!


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