10 Things To Do In Isolation

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is doing well and keeping safe during isolation. It’s a hard time for many reasons, but a lot of us have gone from having a super busy life to doing very little. Here’s a few things you can do during isolation to keep you busy:



I love baking, but it’s something I rarely do as it can take up quite a lot of time. Find a recipe online, or see what you can throw together with the ingredients you have in your cupboard.

My personal favourite is banana bread with dark chocolate chips in it, it’s the perfect way to use up those bananas that have gone brown.

I follow Mary Berry’s recipe and add a packet of dark chocolate chips or some bournville, and it’s delicious.




Pick up a book or download the Kindle app on your phone or tablet. You can get plenty of cheap books from the Kindle store, or even some for free! There’s nothing like sitting in the garden reading a book.


Learn a New Skill

I’ve used SkillShare for a while to learn the basics of brush lettering/calligraphy. It’s a website with thousands of online classes, from illustration, graphic design, photography, etc., making it the perfect thing to do from home.


You can get two months free of SkillShare premium by clicking here, and you can cancel it at anytime! My personal favourite are the lettering classes by Peggy Dean, they’re so easy to understand.



The most therapeutic thing I find to do is painting. I picked up some super cheap watercolour paints from Wilko and I forgot how much I loved playing around with paints.

Set yourself some kind of theme such as nature, and see what kind of thing you make out of it.


Bullet Journal

Like a diary, but somewhere you can be a bit more creative. I’ve recently started a bullet journal with various trackers to help me stay on track during a time like this. These include things like habit trackers, mood trackers and a spending tracker (which is very much needed right now as I seem to be doing a teeny bit of online shopping).

Pinterest is a great place to find some inspiration for anything really, and has great ideas for bullet journaling.



This is one of my favourite things to do. I’m a sucker for taking photos and hoarding them on my phone, but there’s nothing better than having them all in one place, and being able to physically flick through them and reminisce over the years.


Print out your photos at home, or use an app such as LALALAB or Cheerz. Get a scrapbook and get creative and stick them all in.


Watch Netflix/Disney+

Is there anything better to do than binge watching a series on Netflix or Disney+? Sometimes it’s nice to have time to just sit back and relax, and watch your favourite show.

There’s a lot of pressure right now to use this time to be productive, this shouldn’t be the case though. The majority of us haven’t experienced anything like this before, so if Netflix is calling you, let it be.



We recently moved house and if there’s one thing that I put off doing, it was decluttering the rest of the mess that came from unpacking.

Sort out your desk drawers, your wardrobe and anything else you can find. You’d be surprised how much rubbish you accumulate in all of these places, or things that can go to a better home.



This is something that’s become a bit more difficult to do given the current restrictions, but there are plenty of at home workouts you can do without the need for any equipment.

Not only are they great for your physical health, but they will really help when it comes your mental health. Try your best to do your one form of outdoor exercise a day, the fresh air will make you feel so good!


Start a Blog or YouTube Channel

What better time to set up that Blog or YouTube Channel you’ve been thinking about doing? You don’t need all this fancy, expensive equipment, a phone or webcam on your laptop will be perfect.

Use sites such as Canva where you can create logos, banners, etc. and apps such as SnapSeed to edit photos you’ve taken on your phone.

Plan what you’re going to do, think about why you’re doing it and jot down some content ideas in a notebook. Get as creative as possible with it!


These may be quite obvious things to do in isolation, but it can be easy to forget the little things we can do to keep ourselves occupied.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well! ❤







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