My Study Space

Working from home seems to be the new norm for the foreseeable future for a lot of us. It definitely will be for me, with my university announcing that our lectures will be online and that we’ll only be required to go into university once a week for ‘Small Group Teaching’.

Dedicating a space to studying and working is important for me, enabling me to stay on track and have somewhere I can focus. It also enables me to click out of that work mindset when I’m not in that space. I understand that I’m extremely fortunate to be able to have such a big study space, and that isn’t that case for everyone else.

I’m a home student, living approximately a 20 minute drive away from my university! I live with my parents, and my boyfriend has also lived with us now for nearly four years. This has really emphasised the importance of having somewhere dedicated to my studies, as obviously I can’t just walk to the university library or study quietly in a dorm room, etc. I thought I’d share a little more about my study space, some of my essentials and how I make it work for me.


We recently moved about 4 months ago, and we all got to choose what bedroom we’d prefer. Obviously I had dibbs on the bedroom facing over the waterfront, and I knew exactly where I’d put my desk.


This is the view. It may be a little busy right now in the weekdays with construction work going ahead, but once I pop my earphones in I can’t hear a thing. It’s really relaxing to just be able to watch the world go on outside!

Ok onto the actual desk. I am SO fussy when it comes to what desk I use haha. It needs to be wide enough that I can be surrounded by all my pens, notebooks and textbooks and have storage, but not be too big and bulky. In our old house I used two Alex Drawers with a Desk Top on top of the from Ikea, and that was great but HUGE!

My current desk is the Ikea Micke, it comes in a few variations and sizes but you can find the one I have here.  It was the first thing I built for my room!


It’s wide enough for all my books, etc., and has two big drawers for storage. It’s also a great price point at £70, which is pretty decent for the size of it. The chair I have is from Home Sense/TK Maxx, and was £80. It’s super comfortable and fits into the desk perfect. They have so many different chairs in there, so it’s definitely worth checking them out if you want something a bit more unique too.

Ok onto how my desk looks right now, the cats love sitting on it and staring out the window, or just annoying me for some dreamies.


I’m pretty happy with how I have my desk set up right now. I have everything I could need to hand, and it’s kept pretty minimalistic and organised.

I’ve got my pen pots with my favourite pens, the Staedtler Fineliners and Zebra Mildliners. I’ve then got my magazine rack with my go to notebooks, planners and other organisers. I’ve got my Whitelines notebooks, Papier Diary and Papier Bullet Journal (for content planning) and my Scribble and Dot Bullet Journal!


On the other side of my desk I’ve got my candle from TK Maxx, a photo book of polaroids and my mirror!


To make this area of my room really feel like it was dedicated to my studies, I’ve got these prints on my wall from Codex Anatomicus. They fit right into what I study haha, and are really cool! The ‘Be Kind’ print is from Desenio, and I feel like it’s just the perfect thing.


I’ve also got a little trolley from Hobbycraft with all my other stationery and craft supplies on it, and makeup, but I won’t bore anyone with that haha!

Hope this helps a few of you find some inspiration for your study space, and a few ideas of where you can shop for some essentials to fill your space with.


Zoe x

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