Motivation to Study

With a lot of education being taught remotely, it can be harder than ever to get that motivation to get going. Whether you're attending face to face lessons, or studying from home, here are a few tips you can take on board to help with motivation. Routine I always stress how important it is to [...]

My Study Space

Working from home seems to be the new norm for the foreseeable future for a lot of us. It definitely will be for me, with my university announcing that our lectures will be online and that we’ll only be required to go into university once a week for ‘Small Group Teaching’. Dedicating a space to [...]

My Favourite Study Apps

Technology has changed the way that we study over the years, with many websites and applications being available to assist our studies, or even take digital notes on. I’m going to be sharing a few of my favourite apps!   Forest We’re all guilty of procrastinating by scrolling through social media instead of getting on [...]

My Study Essentials

With the academic year soon approaching I’ve started to think about and compile some of my study essentials that I’ll be using when I’m back in university.   LAPTOP/IPAD Having a laptop or tablet you can take to university with you will make your life so much easier. I use mine to write notes during [...]

Chemistry Websites I Use

Chemistry is a hard subject to study, and sometimes you can feel like you're forever browsing through different websites, trying to find some useful information.  This academic year I've come across so many websites that I hadn't previously known about, and they've helped me to understand some difficult topics of A-Level Chemistry. I frequently get [...]