Motivation to Study

With a lot of education being taught remotely, it can be harder than ever to get that motivation to get going. Whether you're attending face to face lessons, or studying from home, here are a few tips you can take on board to help with motivation. Routine I always stress how important it is to [...]

Student Budgeting Tips

Starting university can be a difficult transition for everyone, whether you're moving across the country, staying local or even living at home. Having a large amount of responsibilities sprung on you at once can be difficult to manage, especially when it comes to finance. A lot of students have never had to deal with such [...]

Growing Your Studygram

Hi guys, I get a lot of questions from others regarding tips on how they can grow their account and become more involved in the studygram community, so here's my advice! You The main thing that is going to make your account unique is you, so don’t try and change things to fit in with [...]

First Year Tips

First of all, congratulations to everyone due to start university in September, your hard work has paid off! When I first started university I wasn’t too sure what I was getting myself into, and having just finished my first year and reflecting upon it there’s definitely some tips I wish I would have had when [...]