Chemistry Websites I Use

Chemistry is a hard subject to study, and sometimes you can feel like you're forever browsing through different websites, trying to find some useful information.  This academic year I've come across so many websites that I hadn't previously known about, and they've helped me to understand some difficult topics of A-Level Chemistry. I frequently get [...]

Ten Study Tips

Hi Guys!I've had a fair few people ask me for some study tips, so I thought what better than to write a blog post with some of the tips I feel are the most helpful, and important.Here are ten study tips (in no particular order of importance):1) Attendance - This is one of the most [...]


Hey guys! It's Zoe here from @zoestudies on Instagram. I've decided to create a blog in order to post more in-depth posts, including some of my top tips for revision, organisation, reviews, printables, etc. If you're new here or you'd like to know some more about me, I'm currently an 18 year old student studying [...]